Miodrag Misic Advokat




Miodrag Mišić, attorney at law, is there to provide You with professional and reliable legal assistance. Whether You are a domestic or foreign individual, a small or large company, that operates in Serbia or wants to do business in Europe or the Middle East, we are there for You.
Your interests and protection of the rights are above all. Relationships with our clients are built on mutual trust, on the fact that trust is hard to win, but easy to lose. If the legal assistance is to be successful, a lawyer needs to be trusted. Just like a doctor. A client has to have a belief in his lawyer, to entrust him with most sensible details of his case, confident that he will be provided with the best advices and acts, based on what is best for him, under the circumstances of the case. The interest of the client is above all else. We stick to that principle also when it comes to billing. Therefore, Miodrag Mišić, attorney at law, guarantee to all its clients an uncompromising commitment to protect and pursue their interests, rights or make their business stronger. You can always return knowing that, someone you can trust, is there.